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If my teeth don't hurt, do I really need to see the dentist?

The answer to this question is – yes! Just like your general practitioner who will recommend yearly checkups and bloodwork to make sure your health is good, your dentist is all about prevention. This is why it's recommended that patients visit their dentist every six months so they can be proactive about getting any treatment that may be necessary, which saves time, money, and stress in the long run.

If you wait until you are experiencing pain, the damage has already been done. Many dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease start off without much discomfort. These issues can be detected early on by your dentist so you can treat them with less invasive and costly procedures.

For example, if your dentist detects tooth decay, it can often be taken care of with a small dental filling. If you don't have the filling done in a timely manner, the decay may spread and could even progress into your root or nerve, where it will cause severe pain. Now you'll need a root canal to preserve your tooth and eliminate your pain.

Keeping up with your six month cleanings and checkups can help prevent many dental issues from starting in the first place.

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