'All-Natural' Dentistry

What is 'All-Natural' Dentisty?

'All-Natural' dentistry is an approach that takes time-tested knowledge of dentistry and human anatomy, then applies the least toxic/most beneficial materials and methods available.  As a member of the IAOMT and also being a SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified Omaha dentist Dr. Allen adheres to their rigorous recommendations for removing existing dental mercury amalgam fillings, to avoid potentially negative health outcomes of mercury exposure to patients and our staff.

When removing silver fillings our
Mercury Vapor Vacuum reduces
potentially harmful exposures.


Natural Dentistry stresses informed choice, which means all options are given to the patient, along with the pros and cons of each one.  We are here to assist in deciding which route is for them and are here to help, not judge.  This co-diagnosis approach is appealing to many patients who are researching solutions and want to make informed decisions regarding their own health.


Bio-Compatibility Testing

Bio-Compatibility testing is a non-invasive and pain-free way to assess what effect certain dental materials are likely to have on your body.  It helps us select the materials to use that will challenge your immune system the least. It stands to reason that you want to utilize materials that are more compatible with your own unique body chemistry, and to avoid materials that are harmful or reactive for you.


Materials Reactivity Testing is a screening done in a lab, via a blood draw, that helps us detect any sensitivity patients might have to various chemicals and dental materials.  This kind of test is performed on clients who have a history of chemical sensitivity. Using this test we are able to determine your sensitivity levels to over 2,000 different dental substances.